AvP2 Team Fortress

AvP2 Team Fortress mod

AvP2 Team Fortress is a multiplayer mod for Aliens vs. Predator 2. While the game had all its game modes frag based (maybe except Evac …), this particular mod focused in bringing in game modes like CTF, Assault, Domination and so on.

AvP2TF main pageFor this project I was responsible with almost everything except mapping. Most maps were made by Windebieste, one by GPS and one by Acro32. I focused on coding (eventually preparing an SDK to be used by the three) the new game modes and even taking a stab at improving the netcode for the game. For making the netcode work possible I must give credit to another person: Moose_Head. He brought the issue to discussion, and he spent a lot of his time helping me test and debug the mod.

Many thanks go also to the people that helped during development:

  • SMID & The_Oracle: the guys with the idea
  • Herr Alien: modder (attributes, code)
  • Windebieste: modder (maps)
  • Moose_Head: modder (3d flag model), tester
  • Coty: modder (3d door models)
  • jegu: modder (skybox for GCF), tester
  • The_One: modder (ambient sound for GCF, animating the flag model), providing web space and server time
  • Vemarkis: former tester and modder (attributes work)
  • Artalavista: skybox in the “Blue Collar” map
  • MasterPlan inc. and Fullerene Productions Inc. : textures in the “Blue Collar” map
  • The following artists: Max Kim, Roberto Huerta, HarryOverEnd, Fire Red Head,Shiroikai, Sgt. Kenny Farmer, Oliver Seifert, Evil Homer, Very Bad Girl, Antares, Conny “Fuzzy” Larsson, Keytabite, Annabelle. Your artwork is incredible.
  • Testers:
    Alien Grand Master

Thank you for being part of some of the craziest couple of years.

The mod can be still accessed at moddb.com.