Ib – Play it!

If you haven’t played it, do that:


It’s this kind of game that points out to me that gameplay beats graphics. In this case, even with the pixelated sprites the game uses, it still manages to be fun, creepy and a bit addictive.


Everybody labels it as a horror adventure game; I feel it’s actually the other way around: it’s an adventure game with creepy-borderline-horror-ish elements. The core of the game is solving puzzles (and there are some good ones in it), exploring the area and just avoiding enemies, in order to find your way home.

It’s hard to pinpoint what makes the game good; the music is nice and suits the creepy-art-gallery settings the game takes place in, the puzzles are ok-ish to good and the premise of the game is interesting albeit a bit disturbing.

While not being THE reason why I enjoyed this game, I liked that the author didn’t use too many jump scares; one of them in particular is actually required so that Ib can return and obtain the blue rose. So, a very judicious and conservative use of jump scares – thumbs up from me.

I am now tempted to re-play it to get the other endings …


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