Changing the character model hitbox for AvP2

The purpose of this tutorial is to illustrate how to change the hitbox for a character model in AVP2. This is a must do, especially since some of the animations of the model will take certain parts (like the head, and sometimes half the torso as well) outside of the hitbox, making multiplayer a sometimes frustrating experience.

The following applies the same for all character models: predators, drones, runners, humans and so on.

Open up ModelEdit. Load an existing model (multi player character models are located in <game_folder>\AvP2\Models\Characters\MP), and select (in the options menu) to make visible the user dimensions:

User Dimensions - another name for hitbox

Now, select an animation, and start working. In our example, we chose to alter the “Crouch – move forward – with a pistol” animation (CF_Ps1):

In the “Animation Edit” box, make sure that the active radio button is ‘User Dimensions’. This will allow us to change the size of the hitbox by pressing the six “+” and “-” buttons located just below the radio button. In our case, we’ll increase the size on the Z (forward-backward) and Y (vertical) axes. So, press the second “+” button (for Y) and the third “+” button (for Z) until reaching an acceptable size:

At this point the hitbox looks OK in terms of size. However, the head is still outside it, and so are the character’s arms. We need to translate the animation so that it fits nice in the hitbox. To do that, change the radio button in the “Animation Edit” box from “User Dimensions” to “Translation”:

Now the six “+” and “-” buttons will work differently: they will shift the animation. In our case we need to move it back on the Z axis (press the third “-” button) and lower it down a bit (negative Y, meaning press the second “-” button), until you get something like:

Now, move the animation slider, or press the play button and watch how the animation and hitbox work together. Make some adjustments if needed, but in most cases even the changes made above will be a good enough step forward.

One thing to be remembered about character hitboxes: they are a trade-off. You will not be able to make it small and have all body parts inside it. But if you have the head, torso and at least half the arms and legs then the hitbox will do just fine.


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