Some corrections are needed.

Two things from my previous posts need corrections:

1) I said that Valve has no response to UDK, including the Alien Swarm SDK. I was wrong. If you listen to the Podcast 17‘s episode where they interview the Nuclear Dawn team, the devs actually mention the Source engine, and that Valve has some sort of a royalty based scheme. It’s just that it is not public. Why?

2) I said that if you want to make a game that runs on multiple platforms, one should choose Unity. Boy, was I wrong …

It was just a matter of time before the big boys noticed that the one thing that Unity had that got them a fairly consistent user base was the multi-platform capability. And things started to happen:

Epic’s UE3 Runs Within Adobe’s New Flash 11

Udk now on MAC

Epic already caught up with Unity in terms of platforms covered (they already shipped a game for iPhone). And CryTek is soon to follow, if you’re to believe the following article.

Question is, now that the multi-platform advantage is slowly eroded by the big player, just for how long is Unity going to keep the free version of their engine crippled.


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